learn to code in 3 months why people fail?
learn to code in 3 months why people fail

learn to code in 3 months why people fail?

When I started learning how to code. I eventually got my first job, but I made a lot of mistakes along the way. That slowed my progress from being a coding beginner to being employable. I paid for courses that confused me. More than they helped me, I watched many YouTube videos and memorized many Concepts.

Here when we learn to code 3 month but eventually most of the people are fail to learn. That didn’t actually give me any value. If I could return, I would do many things differently to reduce my time. So that’s what I’m going to explain in this article in the simplest way. This article will help you to learn to code in 3 months why people fail as quickly as possible.

Deep into coding, you want to decide on the language that you want to focus on. It’s a language you’ll stick with, preferably a pretty versatile language. So, it’s a good idea to focus on languages that have back-end applications and front-end applications.

JavaScript and Python

And if they have applications outside the typical web development roles, that’s even better. This is why I recommend starting with JavaScript and Python now. Both of these are very flexible languages. They have many different applications, from web development, software development, machine learning, platform development, data science, and back-end development.

So you get more bang for your buck. When you learn one of these languages, for example, if you like JavaScript, but you might not want to get into web development, so you may want to get into service development of Salesforce development because both of these platforms use JavaScript as well. Now, plenty of resources will teach you both of these languages for free.

So, to get a taste of both of these languages. You can start on free Code Camp and review a few lessons. Kind of see where you might be interested in. But once you decide on the language, do your best to
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Don’t Do This

Although this article about learn to code in 3 months why people fail So here I’ll say don’t jump around like I did when I first started coding when I first started coding I did when I first started coding. I started with Python, and then I went to JavaScript. Then, I started learning jQuery and went to Ruby on Rails. Then I went to PHP.

I was all over the place and wasted a lot of time trying all these different languages and Frameworks. I’m not becoming good at one of them, so now. If you’ve chosen your language. Now, you want to see how you want to learn it as efficiently as possible.

Now, I was very tempted to get caught up in course videos, at 15 hours long. They teach you how to go from beginner to Advanced. To become a Python or a JavaScript programmer. I wasted a lot of time looking at these videos. Because I would watch other people Implement things, I thought I understood it enough.

That I could do it myself. But as soon as it was time for me to write my code. I had no idea where to start, so you’ve heard it before that the only way to learn how to code. It is to code, so I like websites like Free Cold Camp and the Odin Project. Especially free code Camp because you’re learning Concepts from a fundamental level.

The more you progress through the course, the concepts start to build on each other, and you start to see how everything works. Together as a whole, also be sure to take your time as you go. Through these courses and these exercises, you’re going to be tempted to rush. They give you a percentage of your progress.

Programming Is Not a Race

We all want to get to 100, but coding is not a race. You don’t get to a Finish Line; you just feel all. Right, I know how to code. I don’t need to learn anything else. That will never happen, so take your time to understand. The concepts because if you don’t, it’s gonna bite you.

In the end, you would have needed to know an earlier concept to complete something more advanced. So now that you’re going through some courses. You’ve done some exercises and have a good idea of what it means to program in the language.

That you chose now, it’s a good idea to start doing some projects doing exercises. And doing projects is completely different. Learning how to manipulate a JavaScript object in an exercise is one thing. It’s another thing when using the same concept type within an actual project.

That’s flowing and dynamic, so I don’t recommend you start building projects on your own at the beginning. You should be guided so you have an idea of how to go about building projects from scratch. So, if you start with JavaScript like I did, I would actually recommend it to do some projects in vanilla JavaScript.

Disadvantages of Frameworks

There are no Frameworks, no libraries, just old-school vanilla JavaScript. Although you might not be doing this on your job. Unless you’re into ServiceNow development or Salesforce development.

You’re probably going to be using Frameworks and other libraries. But starting with vanilla JavaScript or just regular Python is a good idea. That way, you understand all the concepts.

Before you start using Frameworks and my not paying. If you start using Frameworks, you’ll probably be able to build projects much quicker. But you miss some of the Core Concepts you might need later on.

Because a lot of the Frameworks do things for you a lot easier. It’s a shortcut method that will
work for you, but you might not. Understand why it’s working for you,

so in the free code cam YouTube channel, they have a video for vanilla JavaScript and Python projects.
It’s a good idea to follow along. You may have to set up a development environment or use
some text editor for all of these projects.

This is also good practice for the real world, and there are many different options for Ides and text editors, but just choose one that works best for you. I’m old school, and I’ve always used Sublime text editor.

Sublime editor image

Portfolio and GitHub

Even though there may be other options out there that are better depending on who you ask, that’s just what I choose to use for front-end development. Now, once you’re going through these videos. You’ve built some of these projects. You’ve added them to your portfolio, and you added them to your GitHub. Then, you should be ready to start building some projects. When you start building these projects on your own, it doesn’t have to be anything super complicated.

Final Words

Today discuss was learn to code in 3 months why people fail. Here I’ve explained some topic of why people fail in code. above discussion I’ve coved a single topic. Here more think would be why people fail in code. But here I’ll say when you start website you have to learn raw coding. First time you must learn raw code. Do not use frameworks etc. When you will learn raw code then you can make any kind of logical staffs. Thank you if you found interesting thing. Stay with us.  


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