How To Use AI To Enhance Your SEO & Create Better Content
How To Use AI To Enhance Your SEO & Create Better Content

How To Use AI To Enhance Your SEO & Create Better Content

I will show you my exact process for creating articles that rank on Google. But most importantly an article that gets you results and conversions. I know you may think it sounds too good to be true but you need to read the full article start to finish and see the result.

I will use Creaitor.Ai for SEO-blog post workflow to create an optimized article for SEO in less than five minutes. While maintaining high quality content. Which is the most important because Google is only looking for high quality content. That is relevant for its users right now. Let me show you the exact process. So here as you can see 

Niche Keyword Research Software

Using keyword research tools that will help you to find keywords.  I will have a lot of keywords that I can Target and this is powered by smrush. By the way, you know that it’s high quality data and it’s already integrated in all Plans. When you find lots of keywords. Here you must see that these keywords are informative. Don’t pick commercial intent keywords. 

Now tell you find a less competitive one like for example how to wear oversized Why hoka sneakers so expensive. You see some of short tell keywords and long tail keyword research by using smrush software. This one has 10/50 search volume and is not really competitive. So I know for sure that I can go after this informational keyword. If you wanna know learn how to use smrush. You can see youtube video or you can read smrush official page content. How to Use Semrush for Keyword Research

Now keep in mind that informational content will not drive as many conversions. But will drive a lot of traffic and then what will you do about this traffic well this traffic that will go on your website you need to redirect it to product pages. So you know it’s just a funnel basically you have a top of funnel content. 

Find content AI content creator Tool 

Open your creator AI.


Then click

What type of content we want to create well. The easiest thing to do here to find an article topic is to run a keyword Gap to see what the other competitors are doing. You will see competitors. Then you will have keywords ideas. Using those keywords you can me good quality content. Also your website will be rank very early. 

Then you will get 3 type of variation contents. 

Now use just read 3 type of variation content. Here if you think those contents are useful you can take and paste to your google doc. That is why you can collect information. 

On Page SEO Guide: How to use AI to enhance your SEO and better content

First you need to know On page seo factors that mean on page relevancy factors the primary on page relevancy factors. That we’ll cover in this lesson are title tags and meta descriptions header tags which are used for headlines. Subheadings website URLs and URL structure image alt text internal links keyword usage.

When you pass 2 steps then the final step is Content seo. I’ll use Yoast SEO plugin for my wordpress. Here you will maintain. Optimized your content.  Optimize  images. Here the image should be internal SEO.  And set up internal links also external links.  Suggestions here so you see this article.

I have the number of H2 tags and we have the number of h3s. Here that’s been perfectly optimized then we have the images. That we  need to include so I would need to include a lot of images, maybe compare even all of the different sneakers and redirect to my own product pages. 

To promote my article because never forget that what matters Is article that drive conversions. Articles that drive only traffic you want, what matters at the end of the day are sales and conversions. Traffic is great but you want conversions you want to drive sales. That’s why you are doing SEO. That’s why we are doing all of this. After a lot of you know all of these

Suggestions on yoast SEO.  I will add more keywords to really make sure that my article is high quality for my readers. That’s super important. Finally,  I will publish it and that’s what I’ve been doing that’s my exact process for writing SEO blog post that converts and that brings us search traffic for me and also for the clients.

Last Few Words

I hope you will get some information that will help you use AI to enhance your SEO and creat better-quality content. So if you found information stay with us. Later I’ll explore you more SEO tips and tricks. Generally we post content weekly. So keep in touch with us. Thank you.


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